The Massachusetts Constable's Office stays current with Massachusetts  General Laws and are prepared to deal with any situation regardless of how complicated. Documents must be received by 10:00 AM in order to be served the same day.

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Once we receive the Capias in the mail or if you (Attorney/Plaintiff Pro Se) decide to drop it off at our Field Office, one of our highly trained staff members will mail a contempt of court notice, specifying the court, the hearing date and the docket number. Within 7 days of this initial mailing we will attempt to make contact with the defendant via telephone and leave a message communicating the nature of the call and the importance of appearing at the hearing. The Attorney/Plaintiff Pro Se will also be informed of the date of the hearing and must attend in order for the Capias to be heard. Please note that each court sets the day and time on which Capias will be heard. The Massachusetts Constable's Office will attempt to work with Attorney/Plaintiff Pro Se to schedule a hearing at a convenient time and date. If this attempt at a voluntary appearance fails a physical arrest may be made. 

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