The Massachusetts Constable's Office stays current with Massachusetts  General Laws and are prepared to deal with any situation regardless of how complicated. Documents must be received by 10:00 AM in order to be served the same day.

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​No Trespass Order

The sole purpose of a no-trespassing order is to keep a defendant from trespassing on the plaintiff's personal property. However, in the case of a domestic dispute, one spouse cannot file for a no-trespassing order against the other that would require a restraining order issued by the court. If the plaintiff is being harassed while at work, the employer may file a no-trespass order against the perpetrator. We can have the order drafted, serve the defendant and then give a copy to the local Police Department.

Notice to Show Cause

Court order that requires a party to appear before the court and explain why a certain course of action should not be taken against it. If the party cannot convince the court or fails to appear, that course of action is taken. Also called order to show cause.

Demand Letters

A demand letter is letter stating a legal claim which makes a demand for restitution or performance of some obligation, owing to the recipients' alleged breach of contract, or for a legal wrong.

Cease and Desist Orders

A cease and desist letter, also known as infringement letter or demand letter, is a document sent to an individual or business to halt purportedly unlawful activity ("cease") and not take it up again later ("desist").

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