To become a Constable an individual needs to submit an application along with a bond to the local Town Manager or Mayor with four references from reputable citizens in the applicant's city or town along with a signature from an attorney.


Once the application is submitted it is sent to the local police department to run the necessary background checks, C.O.R.I. etc. If the applicant's background check comes back clean it is forwarded to the Board of Selectmen or City Councilors for that appointment to be put to a vote. 


Once the applicant is approved by either the Board of Selectmen or City Councilors, a letter of appointment is signed by the Mayor or City Manager and is mailed to the Constable instructing he/she to appear before the city clerk to be sworn in.


Is there any training involved?

Once a Constable is sworn in, he/she is left to fend for themselves. There is no centralized organization that oversees a Constables well being, training or continuous education. The city of Boston instituted a training program which mandates their Constables must attend before they get appointed. The training received however does not meet the standards that other peace officers must obtain before being allowed to be sworn in.


At the Massachusetts Constable's Office our Constables are versed in the service of civil process and have received Municipal Police Training Council (M.P.TC.) training whether through an Full or Part Time Police Academy or have been individually certified and trained in Defensive Tactics, O.C., Handcuffing, Baton & Firearms through a licensed M.T.P.C. instructor and certified in CPR, First Aid and A.E.D through a licensed state instructor.

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