The Massachusetts Constable's Office Law Enforcement Council is a self generating nonprofit Civil and Criminal Law Enforcement Constable's Office chartered under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 180. Our agency consists of trained deputies who are versed in the area of civil process and have either attended a full or part time Law Enforcement Academy or are certified through state instructors in the use of Defensive Tactics, O.C., Baton, Handcuffing, C.P.R, First Aid and A.E.D. We are committed to carrying out the general duties of the Constable as defined under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 41 Section 91-95 by executing all court orders including but not limited to service of writs, arrest warrants, evictions, seizures and judgments handed down by the Judicial System whether State, Local or Federal.


The agency was formed in March 2015 with the goal in mind to professionalize and transform the office of the Constable into a respectable law enforcement and public safety agency by adapting to the 21st century standards for law enforcement officials. 

Please enjoy our website, which can acquaint you with the Department and its primary functions. You may also find us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.                     


Role of the Board of Directors

The Massachusetts Constable's Office Board of Directors governs the oversight and direction of the agency. Our Board shapes the agency's direction through its mission, strategy, budget, policies and ensures that the leadership, resources, and finances are in place to match the agency's objectives. The Board meets formally four times each year and conduct meetings as needed to keep the agency's affairs in order.

Why Use Us?

· Zero Liability for our clients


· Our deputies are versed in the service of civil and criminal process


· 24 hour after hour service hotline


· Provide assistance completing paperwork


· Marked Constable Cruisers


· Our warrant apprehension deputies have a minimum requirement of Reserve Law Enforcement training. (Police, Sheriff, Corrections)


· Our fully insured vehicles are registered to the agency not to an individual


· Our warrant apprehension vehicles are in full compliance with the Massachusetts General Law for detainee transport

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